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Slatwall Bins Wholesale

Looking for a stylish, versatile storage bin organizer? look no further than slatwall! Our bins are made of durable plastic and are available in an impressive 24 inch diameter. Plus, our bins come with a merchandise box and 6 white california-sized bins. What a great way to organize your home and keep all your belongings clean and organized.

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Slatwall Bins Wholesale Walmart

This is a great way to organize and store your slatwall bins! The bins come in 6 sizes - 6x6x6, 12x12x12, 18x18x18, 24x24x24, 30x30x30, 36x36x36, 42x42x42, 48x48x48, 54x54x54, 60x60x60, 66x66x66, 72x72x72 This is a great way to organize your bins and keep them looking organized and tidy! The bins can hold 12 bins, or 12 bins can be organized by item. The slatwall organizer cube can be customized to hold 6-12 bins, or 12-24 bins. It also includes a merchandise box of 24 products. this is a slatwall storage bin organizer cube 6 x 6x 6 merchandise box qty 6. This bin organizer is perfect for any storage space! You can add a new piece of art to your home or use it to store your binoflot! this is a great way to keep your bins organized and looking their best. The slatwall bins organizer cube comes with 24 bins, making it the perfect way to keep your storage center organized.